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The National Committee

The National Committee of Finland is responsible for the overall execution of the Memory of the World programme and its follow-up in Finland. The committee has been active since 2014. Its members represent various regions of Finland and organisations responsible for their documentary and literary cultural heritage.

The chairperson of the committee is Jussi Nuorteva, Director-General of the National Archives, who is also a member of the International Advisory Committee for the Memory of the World programme appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO.



Chairperson Jussi Nuorteva
National Archives of Finland

Vice Chairperson Päivi Happonen
National Archives of Finland


Secretary Pertti Hakala
National Archives of Finland

Vice Secretary Marie Pelkonen
National Archives of Finland


Eva Costiander-Huldén
Åbo Akademi University Library

Lauri Harvilahti
Finnish Literature Society

Jussi Jääskeläinen
Helsinki City Archives

Lena Karhu
Svenska Centralarkivet

Timo Leskinen
National Audiovisual Institute

Kimmo Levä
Finnish Museums Association

Rauha Maarno
Finnish Library Association

Leena Marsio
Finnish Heritage Agency

Jenni Ruotsalainen
UN Youth of Finland

Liisa Savolainen
National Library of Finland

Åke Söderlund
The Provincial Archives of Åland